Berkshire Design Center, Inc.

We design together ... There’s only one solution.

“Design-build is often compared to the concept of the Master Builder which existed in ancient times and into the Renaissance. Many of the great wonders of the world were created using this methodology. The Master Builder was not a contractor, an architect or an engineer. The Master Builder was the embodiment of all three disciplines. The Master Builder concept depicts the earliest model for delivering design and construction as an integrated service.” - DBIA

Our Integrated Design Build

Our Integrated Design Build process leverages a single point of responsibility to harness collaborative expertise in development planning, design and engineering, and construction management at the very start of the design process before putting unnecessary client capital at risk. This allows our design and construction experts, together as one team under one roof, the ability to thoroughly understand and implement our client’s aesthetic and atmospheric visions, budgetary constraints, business strategies, and scheduling milestones without the conflicts often experienced by separated teams.

Like two moving cogs, Design-build is a unified flow of work from initial design concept through construction closeout


Our team of architects are the leaders of the design-build process and experts in building science. Architects properly coordinate the engineering, construction, and estimating disciplines with the functional and aesthetic visions of our clients.


In-house engineering and estimating along with proven partnerships with local firms allows early knowledge of constructability and cost-efficient strategies. Buildings aren’t just functional works of art, they’re an intricate arrangement of multi-disciplinary parts that must come together with precision and optimal quality.

Virtual Design & BIM

We don’t underestimate the power of the pencil, but the latest and most successful design tools allow our firm to stay ahead of the curb and implement the most technologically advanced and effective design strategies possible. This is why we utilize digital modeling and virtual reality software that optimizes the way we design and construct buildings for present and future occupants.

Interior Design

Every job is unique, inside and out. Our interior designers work closely with our architects to close the gap between the interior and exterior environment. We don’t stop our jobs at drywall, we stop when your sheets hit the bed.


With expertise in marketing and development, we can assist in creation of marketing materials that speak to your brand’s image. Whether its interior or exterior graphics, signage, website or branding ideas, we’ll guide you in the right direction that allows your building, business, and branding to feel unified.


We perform cost/impact analysis and feasibility studies throughout the design process. Budget constraints are a normal problem to have for any project. We show our clients what works and what can be achieved while balancing the programmatic and organizational needs of the buildings use.

Owner's Agent

As Owner's Agent, we’ll act in the interest of the Owner in all phases the design construction process, beginning from the conceptualization of the project to the beginning of operations of the new facility.

A Digitalized Construction Site

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent 3D model-based technology that generates and manages a physical and functional representation of a building. The software gives our team of architects and construction professionals the insight and tools to increase design and construction efficiencies, minimize design flaws, implement accurate sustainable solutions, and improve decision making capabilities. Not only does BIM help to perfect the design process and streamline construction, but it allows our clients to see our ideas before we build them.

Technology Transforming

Consistent, feasible decisions is the Design-Build result that paves the way for a seamless transition from design to construction.

While single-source contracting is the fundamental difference between design-build and traditional delivery methods, equally important is the culture of collaboration between multiple disciplines.

Advantages of Design Build

  • Single-source contracting
  • Collaboration of multiple disciplines
  • Architect/Contractor relationship
  • Fast track scheduling
  • Predictability – reliable forecasting and deliverables
  • Owner Involvement at all stages
  • Early knowledge of project costs
  • Transparent process
  • Minimize preconstruction fees
  • Value engineering throughout design process