Statue of Liberty Restoration

Allegrone Masonry is the General and Masonry Contractor for the rehabilitation of the Statue of Liberty. The Historic Fort Wood base includes 35,000 square feet of granite walls. This World Heritage Site is undergoing a series of historic stone masonry repairs, cleaning, replacements, and joint repointing work to ensure the structure will continue to stand strong for generations to come

This project repairs the prominent masonry walls and coping of Fort Wood, the 11-pointed star-shaped granite fort built between 1808 and 1811 that houses the Pedestal on which the Statue of Liberty stands. Repair of the uppermost coping stones consists of patching stone faces and replacement dependent upon the extent of the deterioration.

  • Location
    Liberty Island
  • Delivery
    General and Masonry Contractor
  • Client
    The National Park Service

Allegrone Masonry is incredibly honored to lead the 2-year restoration of our country's most iconic historic landmark, the Statue of Liberty. Every day we have a team of masons and support staff dedicating 110% of their efforts toward the success of this momentous project.

A temporary, independent equipment ramp was designed to provide improved access for the transportation of materials up to and down from the Terreplein Level without any bearing on the existing historic walls on the site.

"There are 500 Capstones that go on the top of the wall and approximately 130 were beyond repair," stated Michael Mucci, Director of Masonry, "The capstones and wall stones were predominately granite. However, some of the capstones and inner parapet veneer stones were laid with a local Schist Stone [similar to marble], which is very soft and fragile. Allegrone brought in 32 different granite types and finishes onto the island to get a good color match. We worked with the National Park Service and the entire Project Team in selecting an appropriate replacement stone. Once selected, the material was ordered and installed throughout 2022."

The New York City skyline, the rising sun, the Harbor, and tons and tons of granite … a day in the life of an Allegrone Mason at the Statue of Liberty is one filled with many logistical challenges that come with working on an island.