Hot Plate Brewing Co.

As architect and builder, our team converted Onota 74's storefront into a vibrantly fun taproom and brewhouse. A mission of inclusivity guided the design of the space. While many breweries strive for an industrial atmosphere, this brewery is about a new approach to color and comfortability. Taking influence from the Hot Plate brand and the owners New York City apartment where it all started - the Tap Room aims for a balance between innovation and a sense a familiarity.

  • Owner
    Hot Plate Brewing Co.
  • Location
    Pittsfield, MA
  • Architect
    Anthony Allegrone AIA NCARB, Allegrone Companies
  • Project Delivery

Behind the Design

The Hot Plate Brewing project asked a very important question - How can we establish an innovative brewery atmosphere by utilizing important societal trends to create a successful space and business?

Hot Plate is a particularly creative project that held the mission to reinvent the brewery atmosphere that would result in a design that feels comfortable and welcoming to all. This was done by tossing away any influence from other breweries, and taking a new fresh look at what a brewery can be. An industrial atmosphere being a common trend was the last thing on the minds of Owners Sarah and Mike. Instead, was the goal of a new approach about color and comfortability. Much of the design influence came from the Hot Plate branding guide, which was developed by one of the Owners of the brewery, as well as the style of their New York City apartment. This led to selecting a specific color and material palette that brought the Hot Plate Brand to life while utilizing much of what the existing space had to offer to maintain a simple and efficient design solution.

The functionality and the program of the space was achieved by locating the brewing space toward one side of the 4000 s.f. commercial space, allowing the tap room to remain open and easily accessible from prominent North Street in Pittsfield. Upon entering the tap room, the space is bright and vibrant, with the brewing space exposed by way of interior glazing that sets the backdrop of the bar. The program is intentionally simple with the social design of the bar and open yet intimate setup of the tap room that includes a lounge area that feels familiar to most that see it for the first time.

From Concept to Creation