Berkshire Family YMCA's New Basketball and Walking Track

January 6, 2023

This week, the Berkshire Family YMCA held an opening for their new basketball court. As the construction manager, Allegrone Companies is overseeing the renovation of the 1909 building and the addition of a childcare wing, a youth basketball court, and an indoor track.

“The floor is great, the place is great," Jim Schwarz said. "It’s a very soft floor which is really good on your knees. And lots of guys here, which is fun, of all ages.”

Above the new court is an elevated indoor walking track that was built with the Berkshires’ long winters in mind.

“It’s still a historic building," Rumlow said. "It still has all of its fun quirks and character, but it is a fresh new space that everybody’s proud of, proud to be a member of, proud to send their children to our childcare programs and proud to work here. And so, it’s just been a really fun and exciting time.”


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