Williams College: Goodrich Hall

Goodrich Hall is a Gothic revival, rustic limestone structure built in 1859 to serve as the College Chapel, Alumni Hall and student classroom building. The building exterior walls are comprised solely of stone ranging from 18” to 30” thick. Exterior wythe displayed signs of bowing and leaning away from the building.

Allegrone performed a cut and repoint of the exterior and interior walls in preparation for a grout injection repair. Localized repairs included removing and relaying stone sills, crack repairs, Dutchman repairs as well as pinning and anchoring of stone wythes. Once the local repairs were complete, Allegrone successfully grout injected the entire 8,000 sf façade. The project was completed on time and within budget.

  • Client
    Williams College
  • Architect
    Christopher Williams Architects
  • Location
    Williamstown, MA
  • Delivery
    Construction Management