St. John's Episcopal Church

Allegrone was hired as the General Contractor for this three part restoration project. Repairs ranged from repointing, replacing gable end capstones and installing thru-wall flashing, restoring bell tower louvers by either epoxy injections or historic replacement, and correcting improperly installed roof and gutter systems. Modifications were made to the stained glass window jamb flashing details and minor repairs were performed on the windows themselves.

The bell tower remained opened for daily access to the church for masses and functions while major restorations were performed. The scope of work involved removing the deteriorated stone pier caps and a complete rebuild of the six foot tower parapet wall. All of the existing stones were reinstalled in their original location above the new thru-wall flashing and hidden gutter system. A heat trace system was installed throughout the building at all gutters and downspouts. A localized grout injection was performed to fill voids in the masonry walls in lieu of a complete wall reconstruction.

The main sanctuary floor joist framing was repaired due to damage caused by years of water infiltration through the masonry, broken concrete sidewalks panels were replaced, and sections of the building's interior and exterior were painted.

  • Architect
    Ryan-Biggs Associates
  • Location
    Williamstown, MA
  • Delivery
    General Contract