St. James Wall Stabilization

Allegrone Masonry completed the reconstruction of the West wall and successfully grout injected another severely bulged area on the North wall. The West wall consisted of detailed documentation of over 400 individual stones, precise as-built conditions of elevation, plan, and plane; complete backup wall reconstruction, and reinstallation of the existing documented stone veneer and an 8’ gothic arch. A combination of the existing stones as well as the large backup stones were used to ensure a perfect match at the infilled areas or where stones were too deteriorated for reinstallation. The North wall, dis-placed by as much as 5-3/4” from its original location, had large voids throughout the wall. The grout injection repair method was selected for cost purposes in lieu of a complete wall rebuild as done on the West wall.

  • Owner
    St. James Place
  • Architects
    John G. Waite Associates, Robert Silman Associates
  • Delivery
    General Contract