NYS Police State Memorial

Located in the northwest corner of the Empire State Plaza, behind the Legislative Office Building and the Swan Street Building, the State of New York Police Officers Memorial honors police officers from New York State who have sacrificed their lives in the performance of their duty. The memorial is one hundred feet long and ten feet high and is com-posed of gently curved polished black granite inscribed with the names of the deceased officers. The black granite stands in contrast to the white marble of the Plaza. A waterfall at the top of the memorial flows over concrete projections into a small pool. Project scope included the fabrication and installation of the new granite medallion and stone pavers that highlight the memorial space. The medallion and pavers were set from over 200’ away as access to the finish space was limited. Allegrone’s team worked with Plaza officials to minimize any public disturbances.

  • Owner
    New York State Office of General Services
  • Project Delivery
    Masonry Memorial