Historic Dorchester Heights Monument to Undergo Restoration by Allegrone Masonry

September 14, 2023

The historic 1902 Dorchester Heights Monument, a symbol of American resilience and triumph, is set to undergo restoration by Allegrone Masonry. This iconic structure, perched atop Telegraph Hill in South Boston, commemorates America’s first victory in the War of Independence and has been a cherished landmark for centuries. On March 4, 1776, Continental troops fortified Dorchester Height against the British, which ultimately led to the evacuation of British Troops from Boston, and the end of the Siege of Boston.

The Dorchester Heights Monument Restoration Project will be a collaborative effort between Allegrone Masonry and The National Parks of Boston. The restoration aims to revitalize and preserve the 115 ft tall commemorative tower and its surrounding hardscapes for generations to come, ensuring its structural integrity while enhancing its visual appeal.

A comprehensive assessment of the monument's structural integrity had been conducted earlier this year, which addressed issues such as cracks, erosion, and wear-and-tear. The rehabilitation work will include structural upgrades, masonry restoration, and improvement of the monument’s foundation, superstructure, exterior enclosure, roof, interior stairs, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems. The grounds, lighting, and signage will be vastly improved for visitors’ experience.

[Photo by National Parks Service]