Allegrone Companies COVID-19 Management Plan

Keeping our team informed and prepared.

Keeping Our Jobsites Safe & Secure

General Rule: Our project sites have a zero tolerance for workers not feeling well.

Allegrone Companies has increased hygiene and employing a wide range of tactics to keep people healthy. We are following guidelines set by the CDC and the governor’s offices in each of our regions to ensure the safety of our teams on the job. This includes Site-specific Safety Plans, site coverage/staffing redundancy plans, and additional guidance for Allegrone project teams to help make every decision along the way.

Project Site Specific Safety Plans

Allegrone Companies requires all on-site personnel to participate in a Daily Health Self-Certification Plan. It is important to us that we detect potential infection and minimize the spread of the virus. Prior to the start of the shift, a safety-check assessment must be completed. To ensure the health and safety of every person on site, workers must stay home if they are not feeling well.

A site specific load plan will be developed to detail distinct working areas and limit the number of people in all work spaces and common areas. Our social distancing guidelines respect a six-foot or greater distance. PPE required; workers are responsible for routinely washing and storing their PPE to promote longevity and effectiveness of equipment.

Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of objects and surfaces helps to maintain a safe site. Hot water handwashing stations to provide hot and cold potable water, soap, and single-use towels. Cold water handwash stations to provide soap and single-use towels. High touch surfaces are to be cleaned and disinfected daily with disposable paper towels. These areas include: field offices (including keyboards, tables, laptops, printers, office supplies), door handles, water stations, gates, padlocks, railings, ladders, tools, and vehicles.

Visitor Restrictions

There shall be no visits by non-essential visitors. Non-essential visitors include product salesman, workers seeking job applications, food trucks, etc.

Material Deliveries: It is requested that material delivery frequency be limited as much as possible. Subcontractors are to work with material vendors to initiate electronic or no touch material receipts. Material vendors are subject to the same PPE and hygiene requirements as the rest of the workers. Fed-Ex, UPS, and Amazon packages are to be dropped off at a delivery bin outside of the job site trailer.