[Allegrone in the News] 52 High Street Renovation Update

November 30, 2018

54 South Street

"We can only take it one step at a time and that's how we will get it done" - Joe Lewis. 


The renovation of this 56 single bedroom unit home has certainly picked up pace as the cold weather has arrived! On the exterior of the building, the new accessible entryway has been framed and the concrete for the wheelchair ramp has been poured. Masonry work continues as the original caststone, located on the High Street side of the building, is being repaired or replace to keep the historic charm of this home alive! 

In the Annette Rafferty Women's Empowerment Center, new kitchen appliances have been installed, including a new walk-in-cooler and hood for the stove. The addition of these appliances will greatly aid in the storage and preparation of meals for the women and children of Abby’s House, who receive a warm and nutritious meal twice a week through the women’s center and access to the food pantry twice a month.

The new elevator, which will aid in the accessibility needs of the women, has been established in its permanent location and is now being built up from the inside.  Elevator lobbies have also been created on each floor. Once completed, the elevator will run from the fourth floor down to the basement, where the newly renovated Abby’s House Thrift Shop will be housed.

One the second and the third floors of the annex, the bedrooms and hallways have been painted and the woodwork around the windows and doorways has been restained. It is amazing to see what a fresh, clean coat of paint can do to truly transform a space! The attention to detail and care that the close to 50 men and women who are working on this project will show daily is remarkable and reminds us of the power of coming together to create something wonderful, one step at a time!

What was once a dream is coming to reality as this renovation moves closer to the finish line! Although some days are noisier than others, the women who are living through this project remain in high spirits and enjoy watching the progress being made on their home. 


[Excerpt from Abby's House Newsletter

For more information on Abby's House and the project, check out abbyshouse.org 

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